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Technical Analysis Of Stock Charts

technical analysis

Technical analysis of stock charts is the method of using a wide variety of technical indicators and oscillators that are based on the price of a stock.

There are a wide variety of tools to use when it comes to technical analysis which you can read about here at This website will show you how to use technical analysis.

While using technical analysis may offer some better insight into what direction a stock may be moving; it is by no means a way to predict the future of a stock price 100% of the time.

You will discover many times 2 different technical indicators will be giving you conflicting indications. This is the problem with trying to use to many technical indicators. They may actually confuse you more than help you if you rely on them to much.

In my opinion, the most important indicator is a simple moving average on a stock chart.

Technical indicators should be used as part of your overall decision to buy a stock, but do not expect them to be 100% accurate all of the time.