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What Is Swing Trading

swing trading

So what is swing trading?

Again, it depends who you ask. Some say 2-3 days others say 2-3 weeks. I say it is 2-5 days, and this is what I tend to do the most in my own trading.

This method of trading, in my view, is basically the idea of grabbing the quick upswings in a stock right after a slight pullback. Swing trading comes down to looking and learning how to read simple chart patterns. -best free chart site

You will read as you go about all different kinds of technical analysis and oscillators and some will be helpful at times, but most just cause more confusion than assistance. Once you begin to understand how stocks move in relation to moving averages on a chart you will have a much better grasp of the concept of swing trading.

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If you want the best "chance" of actually making money investing in the stock market on a regular basis; then this is the best method of trading to master. This is because when you buy-and-hold a stock you not only catch the upswings in the market you also catch the downswings. Swing trading is basically trying to eliminate all the downswing portions of trading and grabbing all the upswings.

Is it 100%?

NOPE! You will have success and failure. More failure in the beginning and more success as time passes.