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Stock Market Investing Strategy

stock market investing strategy

The following stock market investing strategy will offer you some insight on what is good and bad about investing in the stock market.

The first important lesson about investing in the stock market is to check your greed at the door. If you treat the stock market like a casino you will lose money quickly.

Secondly, never invest money in the stock market that you can not afford to lose. There is a steep learning curve for beginners and you will more than likely lose money when you first start investing. So start out small and work your way up. The stock market is not a get rich quick scheme. Making a living trading stocks is very hard to do for a beginner. Investing in stocks takes a lot of practice and knowledge.

Third, never fall for a pump-and-dump scam. This simply means do NOT ever buy a stock that you randomly receive through an email, regular mail, or a phone call. This still happens every day even though people should know better by now.

The fourth, and final lesson for now is do NOT fall victim to revenge trading. This means if you have a small loss in any particular stock do not let your emotions force you into making foolish trades in an attempt to get your money back. Learn from your mistakes do not add to them.

Well hopefully the information above and the links listed below will give you a good starting point in your desire to learn about investing.

The Basics

- Stock Market

- Market Capitalization

- Moving Averages

- Stock Sectors

- Bull,Bear,Sideways

- Blue Chip Stocks

- Outstanding Shares

- Float

- Penny Stocks

- Commodities

- Capital Gains

- Stock Splits

- Reverse Stock Splits

- Technical Analysis

- Fundamental Analysis

- Income,Value,Growth

- Stock Returns

- Stock Dividends

- Stock Ticker Symbols

- Price-to-Earnings Ratio

- FED vs. Stocks

- Inflation vs. Stocks

- Dollar-Cost Averaging

- Compound Interest

Buying Stocks

- Online Investing

- Stock Quotes

- Brokerage Account

- Points

- Basic Stock Order

- Shares

- Market vs. Limit

- Stock Prices

Trading Methods

- Buy-and-Hold

- Day Trading

- Swing Trading

- Contrarian Investing

- Momentum Investing

Fund Types

- Mutual Funds

- Index Funds

- Exchange Traded Funds

Common Mistakes

- Risk Trading Stocks

- Not Selling Stocks

- Investors vs. Pigs

- Bad Stock Tips

- Non-Diversified Portfolio

Misc. Information

- Tips on Investing

- Stock Market Games

- Teach Kids Investing

- Trading on News

- Trading the QQQQs

- Additional Resources