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Spending Versus Investing

spend or invest

Spending versus investing is a common American dilemma. Most Americans are either spenders or investors. Some people may make more money than others, but save less because they can not control their spending.

If people could simply learn to live within their means their financial worries in life would become far less.

It took me over 30 years to realize there is much more to life than money. There is an old saying, "Money does not buy happiness." This is very true in my opinion.

So many people I have work with over the years, spent everyday of their lives trying to earn more and more money to spend on more and more material things. I used to be guilty of needing a new car every 3 or 4 years in my 20's myself.

However, I have finally learned to live within my means and to invest and save money more wisely, while still being happy in life. Hopefully, some new investors in their 20's can learn from my mistakes, and begin using their money more wisely instead of throwing it away needlessly on material things.

Not having to worry about money is the best feeling in the world. So before taking on a second job and wasting your younger years working day and night; try taking a serious look at your current lifestyle.

Are you living within your means? If not you may want to track your spending.