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Return On Your Investments

return on investments

Have you been achieving a good return on your investments?

So you have been a conservative investor over the years; investing your money in a nice safe account that has earned you around 5% a year. You may think you have been doing a pretty good job by being a responsible person and putting money aside month after month. Well there is good and bad news. Yes it is very good that you have been putting some money aside in a conservative safe account.

However, the chart below may make you feel like you have also missed out on some big money.

Rate of Return on $10,000 Amount After 25 years
5% Return $33,863
10% Return $108,347

As you can see having your investments reach double digit returns makes a huge difference over the long run. So the trick is trying to find the balance between being to risky or being to conservative with your investments.