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Online Stock Investing

online stock investing

If you have had any interest in the concept of investing then you probably are well aware of the now easy to access world of online stock investing.

Online investing has really come of age in the past 10 years and will continue to grow.

It is the one thing that has made the markets open to the common man. An online investor now has access to tools that once belonged solely to a highly paid broker.

Many online brokers only require a $500.00 deposit to open an account. However, to give you a realistic target you will need at least $3,000.00 to even really try trading stocks. Trading stocks is all about how many shares you can buy. You won't be buying to many shares of stock for $500.00.

A good first place to start seeing what stocks cost is to research them with a free stock screener.

Want to find some "free" money for investing? - here is a good place to look for free investing tools

TIP - I would like to also give one important tip it took me awhile to grasp at first, but I think is very important when it comes to investing online if you are truly trying to make some consistent money. When you open up an account online you can either open a cash account or a margin account. My advice for the active trader is a Margin Account that you treat as a Cash Account to avoid what is known as the free-riding rule.

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Hopefully, this basic information will get you headed in the right direction to investing success.