investing guide

Quality Online Brokers

The following is a list of quality online brokers that make investing online for beginners a snap:

TradeStation is known for charging their customers very low commission rates for online trades.

SogoTrade is buy far one of the lowest cost brokers when it comes to charging commissions.

Scottrade offers the cheapest commission rates around for a well-known broker at $7.00 a trade.

E*Trade is another top-notch broker.

TD Ameritrade is another well-known broker who you probably have seen in TV commercials quite often.

These are probably the best sites for beginners. There are many other decent online brokers out there; they just tend to have higher rates than a beginner to the stock market would want to pay.

How safe is online investing one might ask?

In my experience with my online broker; I have not seen any issue that would cause me any concern and would compare it to my regular online banking experience.