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Stock Picking Software - MarketClub Review

marketclub review

The following is a review of the MarketClub stocking picking technical analysis software.

There are literally thousands of stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs to choose from in today's modern day stock market.

This simply means that many people do not have the time to look through thousands of stock charts to find the perfect stock. This is where technical analysis software steps in to lend a hand in narrowing down your choices.

I currently use MarketClub, and find it to be a great tool for narrowing down my own personal stock picks. MarketClub stock charts use a green and red "Trade the Triangle System" to display recommended entry and exit points for stocks.

MarketClub is a javabased stock trading software system, which means you can easily use it on any PC or MAC. There is no software to install, and because it is web-based all updates occur automatically.

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marketclub stock trade triangle trends

marketclub trade the triangle stock charts

MarketClub Features

MarketClub Smart Scan:
stock market scan

Smart Scan helps you to quickly find winning trades in stocks, futures, mutual funds, precious metals, and foreign exchange.

MarketClub Talking Charts:
stock market talking charts

Talking Charts lets you experience charts that talk to you and tell you what is going on in the market.

MarketClub Streaming Chart Tools:
stock market streaming chart tools

Streaming Chart Tools will give you those extra features that you may not currently have on your online discount broker platform.

MarketClub News Scan:
stock market news scan

News Scan allows you to manage and customize your own personal financial news feed and read only the news you wish to read.

MarketClub Chart Portfolio:
stock market chart portfolio

Chart Portfolio allows you to create a personalized watch/active trading list which can be instantly analyzed, reviewed, downloaded, or studied for quick market analysis.

MarketClub Data Central:
stock market data

Data Central allows you to access downloadable historical data.

MarketClub Alerts:
stock market alerts

Market Alerts notifies you of net changes, new highs and lows, changes in trend score, and breakouts.

MarketClub Trading School:
stock market trading school

Trade School is your own personal trading university where you set the curriculum with some of the most well known professional traders in the world.

MarketClub Traders Blog:
stock market traders blog

Traders Blog allows members to share ideas with fellow traders along with the MarketClub team.

For a free tour and demo of their site simply follow this link MarketClub, and click on their Videos and Testimonials buttons on the right-hand side of the screen.