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Lower Interest Rate Credit Cards

lower interest rates credit cards

Lower interest rate credit cards are a must if you plan on getting out of debt.

With that being said the first thing many people need to become is more forceful, and less concerned about what an operator on the other side of a phone call may think.

I say this because to get a lower rate on your card you need to call and get it. With all the credit card offers people receive in the mail there is always a better rate out there even if you have somewhat poor credit.

So pick up the phone and call your creditors and asked them to lower your rates if you are paying more than 10% interest right now. Let them know you will have to switch to another card if they can not lower their rates to something you can afford.

Be persistent and asked to talk to a supervisor if needed. Remember the person on the other end of the phone does not know you so who cares what they think about you or your persistence. If you are paying over 20% interest you should be upset about that anyway.