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How To Budget Your Money

Are you trying to learn how to budget your money better?

Well we have designed an easy to use spreadsheet that allows you to track your daily, monthly, and yearly income and expenses quickly and easily.

There are many budgeting spreadsheets and programs around, but many of them are simply to time consuming to use. We truly believe in the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle. When you make things simple and easy to use people will stick to them. The spreadsheet below allows people to keep track of their daily, monthly, and yearly income and expenses with two quick daily entries.


- Quick and easy to use!

- Motivates you to keep your daily expenses down.

- Really illustrates how your spending can get out of control.

Track Your Income and Expenses For All 12 Months

The spreadsheet covers all 12 months and can be used year after year. Simply save the spreadsheet as a new file every year.

12 month budget spreadsheet

Track Your Daily and Monthly Income and Expenses Easily

This is where the motivation to control your spending really comes into play. Each day you simply enter two numbers. These two numbers are your daily income and daily expenses. Making yourself enter your daily expenses will really motivate you to control your spending. You will begin to think twice about that $3.00 cup of coffee or that $5.00 dollars for fast food.

monthly budget spreadsheet

Automatically Keeps Track Of Your Yearly Income and Expenses

Finally, at the top of the spreadsheet you will find your yearly totals. You will find your total yearly income and expenses; as well as your net income after subtracting your expenses from your income.

yearly budget spreadsheet

To download the spreadsheet simply click on the "Download the Lucky Dog Investing Budget Spreadsheet" link below. Then choose "Save File" and click "OK".

Download the Lucky Dog Investing Budget Spreadsheet

Please Note:

This spreadsheet was created in Excel so you will need to have a program on your computer capable of opening .xls Excel files. If you do NOT have Excel on your computer you can download for Free; which will open Excel files as well.