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Financial Questions and Answers

The following is an archive of previous financial questions about investing, personal finance, and credit.

Financial Questions and Answers

You are solely responsible for your own personal financial decisions.


Previous Investing, Personal Finance, and Credit Questions Submitted

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Consequences And Benefits Of Starting A Small Business 
My husband wants to start a business, and he wants me to take a personal loan out for it from the bank; as he will not be able to take out a business loan ...

Financial Advice For A Young Adult 
I'm a 19 year old student, and I would really like to begin investing and creating a future for myself where I can have financial freedom.

I don't have ...

How Do Trailing Stops Work 
What are the exact mechanics of Trailing Stops?

Carl Icahn Makes Offer To Buy Blockbuster 
What sort of impact should this, and the other bids, have on Blockbuster's stock price, if any?


Interest Growth Over 40 Years 
If I had 100,000 dollars to invest over a 40 year period -- what would be my best option?

Stocks, bonds, or mutual funds?

Assistance On Buying Assets 
I just turned 18 a little while ago and money interests me greatly. I have done a fair bit of research in what assets I should buy, but I need a more straight ...

Relative Dividend Yield 
What is the definition of relative dividend yield?

Trading Forex Without A Broker 
Can I trade forex without using a broker?

Credit Card Company Talking To My Spouse 
Can a credit card company talk to my spouse about my credit card account?

Business Education Book Recommendations 
What are some good business education books that you would recommend?

Sell Order When Stock Price Rises Or Falls 
How do I set a stop limit sell order, and a predetermined exit limit at the same time?

For example, I enter the trade at $1.00 and set my stop loss ...

What Is A Pump and Dump Scam 
What is a pump and dump scam? Please explain clearly. Thanks a lot.

Best Online Stock Broker For A Beginner 
What is the best online stock broker for a stock market beginner?

What Is An Adjustment Bond 
What is an adjustment bond?

What Is An Adjustable-Rate Preferred Stock 
What is an adjustable-rate preferred stock?

What Is An Adjustable-Rate Mortgage 
What is an adjustable-rate mortgage?

What Is The Active Bond Crowd 
What is the active bond crowd?

What Is An Accumulated Dividend 
What is an accumulated dividend?

What Is An ABC Agreement 
What is an ABC agreement?

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