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Eliminate Credit Card Debt

eliminate credit card debt

So what is the best way to eliminate credit card debt?

The simplest answer is do not get into credit card debt to begin with, and for those already in debt stop using the cards and cut them up.

In my early 20's I also had too many credit cards. It was simply to easy to receive credit and when you are young you want too many materialistic things in life.

No person needs to have more than 2 credits cards in their wallet. If you have more than 2 credit cards currently; then odds are you are probably not living within your means and are headed for trouble in the future.

TIP - Set up a paper shredder right by where you open your mail and put all those credit cards offers right through that shredder as you receive them. Do not even give yourself a chance to open and read them, eliminate the temptation right from the start.